About Us

We believe all dogs deserve to live life to the full

An illustration of a yellow puppy stretching or playing

A dog is for life.®

Since 1891, we’ve been working for a better future for dogs and the people who love them.  

When a dog is in distress, we care for them. When a dog needs a home, we find them a loving family. When an owner needs a helping hand (or paw) – or they just can’t cope, we’re ready to step in. 

For every dog, for every owner, we’re by their side through thick and thin, throughout their lives. The bond they have is special to us. It changes lives, making each day happier and more complete. It’s why we believe A dog is for life.®

Discover who we are, what we do, and how we’ll never stop fighting to make tomorrow’s world a better place for all dogs.

What we do

Discover what we do for dogs, for their owners, and for generations of dogs to come. 

Who we are

Discover how our passionate team of staff and volunteers have driven our acheivements.

Our impact

Together, we have made huge strides forward for dogs. Explore the impact of our work.

Our work

Our global work enables us to create sustainable changes in dog welfare across the world.


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